The novel treatment approach to maintain a clear vision for long years.

Aging is the root cause of some critical health problems. Our eyes, without a doubt, are also highly affected by this phenomenon. Some common ophthalmologic disorders can cause partial or total vision losses, which can have devastating effects on one’s life after certain ages. For instance, the age of the ’40s is critical since most people start having trouble with near eyesight (presbyopia), which leads them to use some kind of correction such as glasses or contact lenses. Starting almost the same age, dry eye syndrome is also one of the most common health problems worldwide. Other ophthalmologic disorders like cataract formation, glaucoma and macular degeneration, which are very closely related to cellular aging of ocular structures, are added to the spectrum as we grow older. Those issues are also a major burden for countries’ health budgets and the governments’ social responsibilities as the world population is aging more than ever throughout human history.

Our passion was to develop a novel treatment approach that can prevent or slow down the progress of some of these very common ophthalmologic disorders in order to minimize the effects on the lives of this vast number of people from all around the world.